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Good love bottomless Lunch ticket info

This is your Good Love Bottomless Lunch Ticket valid only for the date you selected.
Please print this ticket to show the staff upon arrival in exchange for your wrist band.
Please note that this ticket is only valid for the date listed on the ticket and a guest list of purchaser names will be provided to the venue.


Bottomless Lunch

  • Should your name not be present on the purchase list for any week you attend, Good love is unable to provide the Bottomless Brunch offering until a full investigation from the website store & payment provider is completed or another ticket is paid for before commencing the event.

    Any screen shots of payments made will not suffice as proof over the bar to Good Love staff and should be shared with the Website store and payment provider.
    Please note that additional staff are rostered on for the Bottomless Brunch events and as such these tickets are non-refundable.
    Should a duplicate copy of a ticket be used, the first person arriving on the day to use said ticket will be provided the wrist band and have the ticket holders name ticked off our matching tickets purchased guest list. Noting the aforementioned clause, matching ID will be required in cases of attempted duplicate tickets and any subsequent tickets required can be paid for on the day.

    We are more than happy for tickets to be sold or gifted to others provided the individual unique ticket is only used once and for the date of event that it was purchased for.
    Good Love is owned and run by the people serving you and we appreciate no funny business with tickets, it only slows down service. Regardless of having the ticket; if your name aint on the list then you’ll have to pay to join.
    If you want to enjoy the great value Bottomless Brunch then we expect that each guest pays for it. We serve exclusively Australian made craft produce and bespoke cocktails that require significant skill, understanding and time to make.

    ** if tickets have sold out but someone from your crew missed out just call the venue to arrange additional spaces

    ** The Bottomless Brunch drinks are served as individual drinks as per RSA laws in Victoria however to maximise efficiency drinks may be served in jugs at the beginning of the event.

    Have a blast!




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